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At the heart of Riehen, Basel’s “big green village”, the “Hinter Gärten” development will take shape, with 57 residential units to meet every requirement. Whether your ideal home is a row house or an apartment, these residential units are genuine feel-good oases for diverse needs and all stages of life. Light, airy rooms, well-thought-out layouts and sophisticated design using high-quality materials guarantee superior living to meet your specific requirements. Cars, bicycles and motorbikes are housed securely in the underground parking area.

The “Hinter Gärten” development, designed by renowned architectural firm Morger Partner Architekten AG, serves as a prime example of urban, contemporary living in harmony with nature. Ten row houses line the street on Bäumliweg, while the Inzlingerstrasse end of the development is the line building with 23 apartments. Spread out in between these are three dot houses in the green inner courtyard, each with eight apartments. This exciting architectural ensemble is a nod to the former tree nursery on the site.
The “Hinter Gärten” residential development in Riehen will be evolved and constructed by real estate general contractor Losinger Marazzi AG.


The “Hinter Gärten” development sees the architects embark on a project to create a diverse and vibrant living environment. Thanks to the precision arrangement of the different building types, the area stands to benefit from optimum development and a traffic-free inner infrastructure.
The row houses, the line building and the dot houses differ not just outwardly, but also in the range of apartments available and the choice of materials.
Brick and concrete give the line building and the row houses an elegant and robust look; floor-length windows and high-quality materials emphasise the homely atmosphere.
The staggered dot houses are integrated within a green environment with native tree species. Their versatility is also reflected in the facade design: vertical timber boarding with a dark edging gives the structures an ultra-elegant look.


All of the residential units have at least one outdoor area in the form of a loggia, a private garden or a roof terrace, allowing residents to enjoy the beautiful views of the natural surroundings.
The environment meets the requirements for a sustainable, ecological and social residential development. The existing tree population will be preserved as far as possible and added to with new native plant species. There is a balanced combination of private and semi-public outdoor spaces. The proportion of paved areas will be kept to a minimum. This will see the “Hinter Gärten” development create valuable biotopes and habitats for the flora and fauna. Ecological networking with surrounding outdoor spaces will play an important role in this, too.
Stiftung Natur & Wirtschaft award
The Stiftung Natur & Wirtschaft foundation has awarded the “Hinter Gärten” development a pre-certificate for sustainable landscaping.