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26 June 2020

The “Hinter Gärten” residential project in Riehen is progressing at pace. Soon you will be able to view the portfolio of available apartments and houses in more detail and reserve the right property for you. Thanks to the great variety of residential units on offer, you are sure to find something that meets your needs.
“From the outset, the basic idea was to create a diverse and vibrant living environment,” explains architect Martin Klein, project manager and partner at the architectural firm Morger Partner Architekten AG. Instead of repetitive layouts, the architects consciously designed a diverse range of homes, as Martin Klein explains: “The project aims to speak to residents of different generations.”

Three different designs have been skillfully interlinked throughout the development. Ten row houses line the street on Bäumliweg, while the Inzlingerstrasse end of the development is a line building with 23 apartments. Spread out in between these are three dot houses in the green inner courtyard, each with eight apartments. All three building types differ from one another not just externally, but also in the portfolio of units on offer within these, the types of access and the material choice.
Are you interested in a row house, or in an apartment in one of the dot houses or in the line building? We would be delighted to advise you!

23 April 2020

Spring is on its way, bringing with it the joy of nature. It is at this time of year especially that we envy those homeowners that can experience this wonderful awakening up close!
Do you want to be one of those lucky people who live centrally located with all the mod cons in green surroundings? Then the “Hinter Gärten” project with its extensive portfolio of owner-occupied apartments and row houses is the right choice for you. “Hinter Gärten” is a place to relax, enjoy happy moments and live in harmony with nature.
The project has received pre-certification for its sustainable urban planning from the Stiftung Natur & Wirtschaft foundation. Sebastian Weinsberg from landscaping architectural firm Bryum GmbH says: “The ʽHinter Gärten’ project is characterised by natural landscaping, a vegetation concept which is adapted to local conditions, and the promotion of biodiversity in the flora and fauna using small-scale habitat structures. These were key aspects in achieving our pre-certification from the Stiftung Natur & Wirtschaft foundation.”
Are you interested in this attractive multi-generational new-build project? Soon you will be able to sign up for your dream apartment or dream house and enjoy wonderful moments in a natural living environment.